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yeah, so i'm pretty much done with this thing.
maybe i'll come back to it sooner or later, i'm just sick of it for now.

add me on myspace if you havn't already
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1st hr - math 2 w/ schuetz
2nd hr - lang. arts w/ rivetto
3rd hr - french 1 w/ staff
4th hr - phys. science w/ austin
5th hr - world studies w/ snow
6th hr - concert choir w/ harness
seminar - ballew


annnnnnnnd i'm gonna be gone till tuesday...
staying with jordan for the weekend, then going to atlantic city from sunday to tuesday night!
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due to anonymous fuckers,
this livejournal is now...

F R I E N D S    O N L Y
comment to be added / considered

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well, a bunch of my family came over on friday & we had a big cookout..then on saturday my parents went back up north and i stayed here. jordan & her grandparents came and got me around 1 and we drove to diamondale to go to her cousins's graduation party. we didn't do too much...just hung out with her cousins lexi, christina, DJ, and jimmy. we went and saw mr. and mrs. smith, then came back and me, jordan, & lexi stayed up till around 3. woke up yesterday morning and left at noon..and just hung out at my house all night. today i did pretty much nothing...jena came over at 7ish and now she's spending the night. tomorrow i'm going to the 4-H fair in davisburg with charelle & watching the demolition cars, so that'll be fun.

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well i'm at my aunt's house right now..

i rode the dragster no-handed the whole way (except for the takeoff, of course..they won't let you put your hands up until after), and that ride is frickin AMAAAAZING..i was scared to death but i loved it.

we drove home wednesday & i slept pretty much the whole way..then came up here and parked the motor home and got everything set up. went out to dinner last night with my aunt & uncle, and that was about it. today me, my mom, and my cousin walked into town and got lunch and shopped and it was fun. then me and my 2 cousins came over here because all the adults went to the casino for the night.

we're staying at a campground up here till sunday so we can spend time with my relatives..so i'll be home then :)

i also have pictures from the ride on the dragster, so i'll scan those when i get home and post them. i look like i'm about to die, lmao.

i miss everyone, so CALL ME & SET UP SOME PLANS FOR NEXT WEEK! godddd!
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i have to hang with the family the whole time, but it should be fun either way. hopefully i'll meet some hot dudes & that'll make it better ;D

on wednesday me & my mom are going up north for the week to spend some time with my family while my relatives from texas, nevada, & new york are here. i think we're going shopping & stuff like that, so that should be fun. sunday is a family reunion and then i'll be home.
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A - AGE YOU HAD YOUR FIRST KISS: Umm like, 4...lmao I tried to french a kid named Benny.
C - CRUSH: Stephen ♥
D - DAD'S NAME: Robert/Bob
F - FAVORITE BAND(S) AT THE MOMENT: BLINK 182 - all time fav, & Fall Out Boy - fav at the moment.
G - GIRLFRIEND: Sorry, I don't swing that way.
H - HOMETOWN: Waterford
I - INSTRUMENTS: None. I can make a cool drumming sound on my stomach though, if that counts; lol.
J - JUNIOR HIGH: PMS - Pierce Middle School
K - KIDS: 0
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: Going to Texas. Not really a car ride, but a motor home ride.
M - MOM'S NAME: Penny
N - NICKNAMES: Eiba, Chant, Chantie, Eric, Towelhead (lmao Jordan, old one)
O - ONE WISH: I wish I could spend a week with Stephen :(
P - PHOBIA(S): Worms
Q - QUOTE: "Shut up before I punch your teeth out and make a necklace" :)
R - REASON TO SMILE: Friends, family, Stephen, fun stuff, uhh cool stuff in general...?
S - SONG YOU SANG LAST: Stockholm Syndrome - Blik 182
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP TODAY: like, 12:50
U - UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I'm marrying Stephen in 9 years & counting.
V - VEGETABLE: Favorite? Umm..dilly beans.
W - WORST HABIT: Biting my nails
X - XRAYS YOU'VE HAD: Uhh, none I don't think.
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn

Name: Ericka
Job: None
Screen name: usacutie47
Funeral: My grandma's, in February
Pet: Gracie
Piercing/Tattoo: My first holes in my ears
Credit Card: None
Fist Fight: Probably with my brother
Concert: Garth Brooks
CD Bought: Dream - "It Was All a Dream"
Time Being high: None
Time Being Drunk: Jordan's house :P
Person You Fell In Love With: Tyler Trevorrow
Person Who Broke Your Heart: Tyler Trevorrow
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Adam Lessel

Cigarette: Never
Good Cry: 2 nights ago, at like, 5 AM..I had a dream about my grandma & it made me sad.
Library book checked out: Make Lemonade - Virginia Euwer Wolff
Movie seen: Goldmember
Book read: Make Lemonade - Virginia Euwer Wolff
Cuss word uttered: Umm I don't know...probably shit or fuck.
Beverage drank: Country Time Lemonade
Food consumed: Fries
Phone call: My brother
TV show watched: Umm..Mad TV
Shoes Worn: Flip-flops
CD played: BLINK 182 - Self titled album
Item bought: New straightener
Downloaded: Mood Rings - Reliant K
Annoyance: My dad
Disappointment: Jena can't come to Cedar Point with me so now I have to hang with the family..:/
Thing handwritten: A little poem-thing I wrote
Line spoken: "Mmkay"
IM: Marie
Trip on drugs: None
Time wanting to die: None
Hug: My mom
Shirt worn: "Little Gidget Surf Shop" shirt from Rue 21
Poster looked at: Blink 182 poster
Time you had sex: None
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stolen from mr. antaya...

1. Reply with your name and I will write something I like about you.
2. I will then tell what song reminds me of you.
3. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, I'll tell you what it would be.
4. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
5. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
6. I will tell you what color you remind me of.
7. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. Put this in your journal
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